Zeeland nearby

Recreation and history right next to each other.

Zeeland nearby

Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk is an ideal starting point to combine a day of recreation with culture and history. Zeeland has lots to offer on both of those aspects and is surprisingly close. Strike down on our camping to unwind before you take off to your next destination, because from De Heen you can easily travel to Zeeland.


Zeeland is known worldwide for the Deltawerken, a piece of hydraulic engineering that you won’t find anywhere else. The Deltaplan was already made before the Watersnoodramp in 1953, to deal with the dangers of the rising sea level. A network of dikes and locs had to protect the country against floods and had to enable a better control of freshwater in The Netherlands. An additional advantage was the improvement of the accessibility for cars for the Zealandish islands.

In 1950 the closing of the Braakman in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen was started and finished in the summer of 1952. After the flood, they started to fill the bigger sea holes. As a result, Veerse Gat and the Zandkreek were closed and the Veerse Meer was formed. The Grevelingenmeer was formed after the Brouwershavense Gat and the Grevelingen were filled. Even the Philipsdam, the dike you drive over when you travel from De Heen to Zierikzee, is part of the Deltawerken. So the Deltawerken is not just the barrier in the Oosterschelde. Those who want to know more about the flood in 1953 can visit the Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk.


Neeltje Jans

De Deltawerken are unique and are considered one of the seven modern wonders of the world by many. Those who want to know everything about the realization of this unique hydraulic system definitely has to visit Deltapark Neeltje Jans. This former working island is a part of the Stormvloedkering and the reconstruction of Zeeland after the flood. At Neeltje Jans there are also attractions like the Waterpark, the Aquarium and the Walviswereld, so Deltapark Neeltje Jans is always a good suggestion for a day trip with the whole family.


Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk is centrally located, so a day of shopping in Zeeland is nearby. Goes is bigger than you think and you will find more than enough shops that you won’t find in other shopping streets. There are lots of options to grab a snack or have lunch on one of the nice terraces.

The city center of Zierikzee is definitely worth a visit. You will experience the glorious history of Zierikzee on many spots in the city. It makes perfect sense that the city center is a protected cityscape. It’s always nice and cosy in Zierikzee, even on the busy summer days.

Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk is on a handy distance of the highway A4, so you’re close to any location for you day trip.