Rent a canoe

Row our canoe down the Steenbergse Vliet.

Rent one of our canoes

Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk is located at the Steenbergse Vliet. On the river you can experience a great variety of beautiful nature. To discover the river and all its nature, you can rent a canoe. From the starting point at our harbour, across from the pancake restaurant, you will sail into another world with our Canadian canoes. Want to rent the canoe for a whole day? Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket!

The Steenbergse Vliet

Sail down stream of the river to the Steenbergse Vliet, which is part of Natuurmonumenten. The area itself is not accessible for visitors, but you can definitely hear the many kinds of birds when you sail through it with your canoe. Maybe you can recognise the call of the marsh harrier or you will spot a sedge warbler descending.

When you paddle up stream of the river, you are sailing towards Steenbergen where you can choose to go to the marina of Steenbergen through the port channel, or to sail on to Bovensas. Whatever your destination may be, everytime our guests come back from a canoe trip, they’re surprised by the breathtaking beauty of the Steenbergse Vliet.

Our canoe prices

Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk rents Canadian canoes, the type that is more well-known as an Indian boat. You can rent a canoe per half day, which costs €21,50. You will start from the small port in De Heen, across from the pancake restaurant, of course after we briefly give some instructions.

Combine your canoe trip with a delicious pancake and you’ll create a fun and active day for your family party, team building trip or children’s party.

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