Sanitary facilities

A luxurious heated sanitary building.

Sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities at Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk are excellent. The sanitary building offers comfortable sanitary facilities. You can always enjoy a hot shower for free, without the use of coins. The showers are operable by touch screen and offers you seven minutes of nice, warm water. There are generously sized sanitary facilities for the disabled like an adjusted shower. The toilets, shower and other sanitary facilities are accessible through the main entrance.

Children’s sanitary facilities

At a certain age, kids love to do everything themselves. To enable that, we installed specially made children’s sanitary facilities. The children’s sanitary facilities are places at a child-friendly height so your kids can reach everything themselves. We expect that parents do help their small children. We also furnished a baby room so you can take care of your baby easily and comfortably.

Laundry service

Through a separate entrance on the right side, the laundry service is accessible. You can use the washing machine and dryer with coins that you can get at the reception. Coins for powder are also available at the reception. On the left side of the sanitary building, you will find a lighted dish washing area.

Good hygiene is very important to us, that is why we clean all the sanitary facilities at least two times a day. It stands to reason that toilet paper, disinfecting hand soap and towels are always available.