A day trip to monument cities.

Our cultural heritage.

Monument cities

Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk is already close to Antwerp and Rotterdam, but there are lots of other possibilities for a day out, closer to De Heen. Explore our cultural heritages in monument cities like Bergen op Zoom, Zierikzee and Willemstad. Even when you are on your way to another destination, you can make a stop in these beautiful monument cities.

Bergen op Zoom

In the city center of Bergen op Zoom you can discover over 600 monuments! Bergen op Zoom has a protected cityscape. The Markiezenhof is one the most beautiful and important monuments of the city. It is a medieval, late gothic city palace and was built by Jan II van Glymes, duke of Bergen op Zoom, to be the Hof van Bergen. The construction lasted from 1485 to 1511 and the builders Antoon I Keldermans and Rombout II Keldermans from Mechelen were in charge.

The Markiezenhof has a rich history, right now it serves as a museum, as a wedding location and as a decor for outdoor performances. There is a lot to discover for kids, in particular the carnival museum that is also located in the building. The Markiezenhof is also the starting point of a fun and informative tour through the city center, for the whole family.

Other buildings with a rich history are the Sint-Gertrudiskerk of which the tower, the Peperbus, dominates the Grote Markt. There are several historical buildings on the Grote Markt like the city hall of Bergen op Zoom, also in a late gothic style, and the buildings De Olifant and De Draeck, which were saved in the big city fire in 1397.

The Lievevrouwepoort or Gevangenpoort is one of the few remains of the 14th century city walls. The Ravelijn from 1702 is a remain of the fortifications of the well-known fortification builder Menno van Coehoorn.

There are a lot of shops in the historical city center of Bergen op Zoom and on the Grote Markt you will definitely find a spot on one of the terraces. There are lots of cultural events during summer and anyone can find culinary dishes to their liking, since Bergen op Zoom is also a Burgundian city.


There are over 500 monuments in Zierikzee, of which the city center has been declared a protected cityscape in 1971. The Sint-Lievensmonstertoren is visible from great distance, but other monuments are also noticeable immediately. On the north side of the city center you will find the Nobelpoort from the 14th century with its characteristic strikers. From the Nobelpoort you can see the flour mill De Hoop from 1874, on the Lange Nobelstraat in the heart of the historical city center. On the stronghold near the Nieuwe Haven you will find mill Den Haas, a mill from 1727. At the entrance of the old harbour the Noordhavenpoort and the Zuidhavenpoort still guard the access to the city.

The Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee is located in the old city hall from the 16th century, has a beautiful roof construction and is definitely worth a visit. In the Meelstraat you will find home De Haene, a merchant house from the 14th century. De Haene is the oldest house of Zierikzee. The Burger Weeshuis on the Poststraat is a monument with various architectural styles.

It is great to take your kids to the Museumhaven where they will learn all about the history of the shipping and shipbuilding.

Like most cities with lots of tourism, Zierikzee has lots of restaurants and bars. During summer there are lots of events, but the city is great throughout the year.


The history of Willemstad goes back to 1583 when Willem van Oranje made the village Ruigenhil a fortress, hence the name Willems’ city (Willemstad). The street network of the village of Ruigenhil is still recognisable in the Voorstraat and the Achterstraat. Later on, Willemstad gained city rights and the fortress was built in the star shape it has now, commissioned by Prins Maurits and fortification leader Adriaen Anthonisz. The whole former fortress of Willemstad and the field are now a protected cityscape, which shows the value of the historical and cultural heritage.

Other beautiful monuments are the Koepelkerk from 1607, the Princehof, the current Mauritshuis from 1623, the former city hall from 1587, d’Orangemolen from 1734 and the Arsenaal from 1792. View everything from above during a walk along the ramparts!

It’s always busy on the waters of Hollandsch Diep and the Volkerak because of the busy commercial shipping and the many sail boats that come by Willemstad. There is always a welcoming vibe at the harbour on the Benedenkade with various bars and restaurants.

Whether you want to plan a day trip or are travelling through to another destination in The Netherlands or Belgium, from Camping & Holiday park De Uitwijk, you’re there in a minute.